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candle, prayer beads and plant pot on wooden board on top of stripe table runner


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Save $18.00Ultra Soft Slippers - BlushUltra Soft Slippers - Blush
Ultra Soft Slippers - Blush
Sale price$18.00 CAD Regular price$36.00 CAD
Linen SprayLinen Spray
Linen Spray
Sale price$24.00 CAD
ROAM Travel Candle - TofinoROAM Travel Candle - Tofino
ROAM Travel Candle - Tofino
Sale price$26.00 CAD
Save $2.00California Match Boxes - MalibuCalifornia Match Boxes - Malibu
California Match Boxes - Malibu
Sale price$5.50 CAD Regular price$7.50 CAD
Save $2.00California Match Boxes - CaliforniaCalifornia Match Boxes - California
California Match Boxes - California
Sale price$5.50 CAD Regular price$7.50 CAD
Save $6.00Wool Dryer BallsWool Dryer Balls
Wool Dryer Balls
Sale price$22.00 CAD Regular price$28.00 CAD
ROAM Candle - LulworthROAM Candle - Lulworth
ROAM Candle - Lulworth
Sale price$58.00 CAD
Save $2.50Bamboo Facial Tissue - Marine
Bamboo Facial Tissue - Marine
Sale price$5.00 CAD Regular price$7.50 CAD
Love Bath MatLove Bath Mat
Love Bath Mat
Sale price$45.00 CAD
ROAM Candle - TofinoROAM Candle - Tofino
ROAM Candle - Tofino
Sale price$58.00 CAD
Save $2.00Dickens Metal Catch-All
Dickens Metal Catch-All
Sale price$6.00 CAD Regular price$8.00 CAD
Save $6.00Candle Care SetCandle Care Set
Candle Care Set
Sale price$36.00 CAD Regular price$42.00 CAD
ROAM Candle - ChurchillROAM Candle - Churchill
ROAM Candle - Churchill
Sale price$58.00 CAD
Pink Prayer Beads
Pink Prayer Beads
Sale price$18.00 CAD
ROAM Travel Candle - WhistlerROAM Travel Candle - Whistler
ROAM Travel Candle - Whistler
Sale price$26.00 CAD
Save $20.00The Sunshine Linen PillowThe Sunshine Linen Pillow
The Sunshine Linen Pillow
Sale price$40.00 CAD Regular price$60.00 CAD
Save $4.00Bottle Tags - Cheers to youBottle Tags - Cheers to you
Bottle Tags - Cheers to you
Sale price$8.00 CAD Regular price$12.00 CAD
ROAM Travel Candle - ChurchillROAM Travel Candle - Churchill
ROAM Travel Candle - Churchill
Sale price$26.00 CAD
ROAM Travel Candle - LulworthROAM Travel Candle - Lulworth
ROAM Travel Candle - Lulworth
Sale price$26.00 CAD
Save $2.00California Match Boxes - Los AngelesCalifornia Match Boxes - Los Angeles
California Match Boxes - Los Angeles
Sale price$5.50 CAD Regular price$7.50 CAD