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One Year of Peak & Main
Behind the scenes

One Year of Peak & Main

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since Peak & Main came to life - ok, it’s more like 1 year and 3 months because 2022 got off to a very strange start. I’m not going to get into the C-word and closures etc etc etc…we’ve all had enough!

When I started Peak & Main I had (and maybe still have) NO CLUE what I am doing most days. But I’m continuing to learn and make mistakes and then learn from those mistakes - it’s a process. I feel like Peak & Main started YEARS ago because for me it’s YEARS of figuring out where I belong in the working world. I have a diploma in Broadcasting and had a lot of fun years working in Film & Radio, but that fizzled for me, although I still have a love for Media and Music. But since becoming a Mother, my priorities shifted majorly and I found myself continuously unhappy in my career(s). What else did I do you didn’t ask? Let’s see…worked at a Credit Union, Wedding & Event Planning, Non-Profit organization, Real Estate Assistant…even worked in a Prison! I was constantly feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. When I stopped blaming coworkers, management and making excuses I finally had the ah-ha moment of I want to be my own BOSS!

But what the hell does that mean or look like for me? It took a bit but it came to a friend asking me to start up an online shop with her. Things were so exciting, fun and moving very quickly…I loved it and the excitement of it all, but I knew deep down I wanted something that was ALL ME. So I backed out and let my friend down. Not cool. But I’m happy to report it was the best decision for both of us. It’s been so fun to create my own shop and just as fun to see where hers has taken her - check her out, @lakeandwild

So that’s where it began…months of creating the site, figuring out what I needed to start a business (thank god for other small business owners friends), curating products, procuring my shipping supplies…the list goes on and just got bigger the deeper I got into it. 

But here we are! Peak & Main launched January 15, 2021. 

It turned out to be a year of challenges finding my way in business, moving our family from Osoyoos to Dawson Creek (and moving my new business) all while ‘you know what’ was plaguing the world.

There’s never enough gratitude for all the support I’ve been shown. Whether you were one of my first customers, a repeat customer, a new customer or just following along on social media - thank you for helping me find where I belong.

- Amy 

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Well done friend

Keeley Dahl

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